public BIBLIOGRAPHY on UCD of language archives

We have developed a public bibliography on the user-centered design of language archives. It is stored on, and anyone can access it and contribute to it. Our bibliography includes more than 120 entries, a mix of websites and scholarly publications. Each publication is annotated with a short literature review written by us. The entries are grouped into the following categories:

  • Digital cultural heritage (websites)
  • Language archives (websites)
  • Literature – anthropologists on documenting languages
  • Literature – anthropologists theorizing archives
  • Literature – indigenous scholars theorizing archives
  • Other Internet resources

The image below shows a sample entry. In order to display the full list of entries, choose the “Documents” option at the top left (in the Mendeley Desktop app). After clicking on a document, choose the “Notes” option at the top right to see the literature review.

Mendeley Entry

To sign up for a free Mendeley account and join the designinglanguagearchives open group, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Choose to sign up for a Free Account
  3. Enter in your name, email, and password to associate with the account
  4. Choose your field of study and academic status
  5. Identify which institution you belong to
  6. Click on the search button in the right-hand corner, choose “groups” and search for “designinglanguagearchives” by Christina Wasson
  7. Click on the group and select “Join this group”

You will need to download the Mendeley Desktop app in order to see the literature reviews we have written for each entry.

Articles on Language Archives

Here are some key readings on language archiving.

Bird, Steven and Gary Simons. 2003. Seven dimensions of portability for language documentation and description. Language 79(3).557-82. Online:

Garrett, Andrew and Lisa Conathan. 2009. Archives, communities and linguists: Negotiating access to language documentation. Paper presented at the Linguistic Society of America. San Francisco, January 8-11.

Austin, Peter. 2011. Who uses digital language archives? In Endangered Languages and Cultures. Online:

Linn, Mary. 2014. Living archives: A community-based language archive model. Language Documentation and Description 12.53-67. Online:

Ridington, Robin and Jilian Ridington. 2003. Archiving actualities: Sharing authority with Dane-zaa First Nations. Comma 2003(1).61-68.

Woodbury, Anthony C. 2014. Archives and audiences: Toward making endangered language documentations people can read, use, understand, and admire. Language Documentation and Description 12.19-36. Online:

articles on user-centered design

Here are some key readings on UCD.

Baxter, Kathy, Catherine Courage and Kelly Caine. 2015. Introduction to user experience. In Understanding your users (second edition): A practical guide to user research methods. Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2-20.

Wasson, Christina. 2000. Ethnography in the field of design. Human Organization 59(4):377-388.

Brown, Tim. 2008. Design thinking. Harvard Business Review June 2008:84-92.

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