Workshop Products

This page provides links to slides, reports, and journal articles resulting from the workshop.  Products will be added as they are completed.

Publications and Reports

Wasson, Christina. 2017. Conducting User Research to Inform the Design of Language Archives. Committee on Endangered Languages and their Preservation (CELP) Blog, Linguistic Society of America. 31 August.

Wasson, Christina, Gary Holton and Heather S. Roth. 2016a. Bringing User-Centered Design to the Field of Language Archives. Language Documentation and Conservation 10:641-681.

Wasson, Christina, Gary Holton and Heather Roth. 2016b. Findings from the Workshop on User-Centered Design of Language Archives: White Paper.

Al Smadi, D., S. Barnes, M. Blair, M. Chong, R. Cole-Jett, A. Davis, S. Hardisty, J. Hooker, C. Jackson, T. Kennedy, J. Klein, B. LeMay, M. Medina, K. Saintonge, A. Vu, and C. Wasson. 2016. Exploratory Research for CoRSAL. Report prepared by students of UNT Design Anthropology class for S. Chelliah, Director of the Computational Resource for South Asian Languages (CoRSAL).

Recordings and Transcript Summaries of Workshop

Both days of the workshop were audio and video recorded. We then prepared transcript summaries from the recordings. All recordings and transcript summaries have been uploaded to the UNT Digital Library, where they are available to the public. The collection home page is at A table of contents showing the relationships among transcript summaries, videos, and audio files is at

Slides from Workshop

Language Archiving
Gary Holton

User-Centered Design
Christina Wasson

Stakeholder Groups
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